Better late than never!!

Where on earth has January gone? How can time fly so fast and yet so slowly at the same time? 'On the bright side', we have had some lovely snow to break up the monotony though, so 'it's not all bad'!!

I (Jill) had planned to write a blog every two weeks. It’s just as well I didn’t declare it a New Year’s Resolution or I would have failed miserably! Oh well, ‘best laid plans’ and all that. ‘It's never too late’, I suppose!

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Since our last blog, we have launched Valentine’s Day cards! Many of these cards will stay in our main collection on a more permanent basis just so you can tell someone you love them (with one of our cards, of course) any day of the year!

We have also three cards that have blank speech bubbles for you to 'make it your own'! These cards could be used for a multitude of occasions!!

The other range of cards that we have launched is our Colouring Pals collection. We have two designs at present but never fear, we'll be adding more soon! The premise behind these cards is to reach out and connect with someone you can’t be with at the moment because of lockdown or because you live far away from each other or just because you can!

The way it works is that the sender colours the card in and posts or delivers it to the recipient along with the included postcard for them to colour in! It’s a therapy session, a gift and a whole lotta love all wrapped into one!

This year so far, we’ve been busy getting a lots of non-design work done. We’ve done a socially distanced photoshoot of the both of us – just wait till you see how we did this! We’ve also entered a couple of competitions, joined the Greeting Card Association, and broadened our networking web! We also bought a new piece of equipment: stay tuned, you'll get to meet Creasy MacFab soon!

Well folks, that's all for now. I must reserve a few bits and pieces for my next blog, which is due imminently!! Take care, wash your hands, sprinkle some love around and sign up for our newsletter to get your discount code!!

Lots of love,

Lisa and Jill

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