Put your big girl pants on!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We have just launched our new business and yes, we have figuratively 'worked our bums off' for 4 months to bring our dream to fruition! As you may have read on our story page, this was a dream conceived in lockdown. It's been really amazing to see the evolution from a few notes scribbled on some coffee stained paper, to what it is today: a self-confident, quirky, playful, colourful brand that is 'reaching for the stars'!!

At first, we suffered with a little bit of doubt and trepidation but we decided to put 'our big girl pants on' and 'just do it'!

As you may have noticed, there are certain elements to The Illustrated Saying brand. Firstly, we always start with a saying. It doesn't have to be an idiom or a proverb, but just something that we hear said quite often. Come to think of it, even 'Happy Birthday', 'Merry Christmas', 'I love you' and 'Last one in is a hairy kipper', are all sayings!!

Next, Lisa's brain kicks into high gear and illustrations appear as if by magic, on digital paper. Once Lisa has created the illustrations, she then passes the design on to Jill who is always delighted to be the first to see it! Jill then trawls through her extensive library of photographic textures and fills in the empty parts of the design. The textures are always a bit of a surprise, have you tried to guess any yet??

The following step is to create the back of the cards. It's usually a team effort to do a little research to find something interesting about the saying on the front of the card. It's amazing how much we have learned since starting work on The Illustrated Saying!

A few tweaks and virtual massages later, we have a finished product. Of course, our lovely cards don't actually come to life until we print them and send them to you, to be gifted with love!

We manage every part of our business process, from design to packaging and we feel very strongly about getting it right and sending you the best possible products. We want you to be as delighted with our products as we are!

We have so many ideas for designs and products in the pipeline, so please come back and visit us often.

Love and warm fuzzies to you all,

Lisa, Jill, Wally, Tilly and Cookie!

P.S. We made up the bit about the coffee stained paper!!

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