'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'

So that was Christmas…...

We were just talking about how, in spite of the fact that most of the usual festivities did not make an appearance this year, Christmas and its magical properties, were an abridged, but welcome distraction!

Having said that, we are glad to be moving forward, with renewed purpose towards 2021. For most of us, 2021 is a 'beacon of hope' and a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. The promise of better times and a path back to the freedom which many of us take for granted.

Generally speaking, 2020 was a real bugger of a year, and the thought of all the lives irreparably damaged and changed forever, doesn’t even bear thinking about!!

If we all just take a few moments to reflect back on 2020, we will find that there were indeed 'silver linings'. ‘Necessity is said to be the mother of invention’ and boy, in 2020 we certainly did ‘rise to the occasion’. We ‘grabbed the bull by the horns’, and ‘got on with the job’ of ‘making things right’ again.

It has not been easy, but people are resilient and determined to keep going, to keep living a good life, to keep making a difference. It warms our hearts to hear about the acts of kindness committed during the past year!

For us (Lisa and Jill), 2020 marked the start of something really special. Adversity gave birth to an idea and the realisation of a dream. Lockdown gave us the time to nurture and grow that dream into a viable business. We are very grateful for this opportunity.

We launched The Illustrated Saying on the 16th October 2020 with a little trepidation, but thanks to the most amazing reception and encouragement from friends, family and complete strangers, we have literally been 'riding a wave' of success!

We’re not really in the habit of ‘blowing our own trumpet’ however we have hit several milestones since our launch, including getting our first ‘official’ recognition!

In December, Lisa entered us in the Handmade Hour’s ‘Handmade Hamper Awards’. The Handmade Hour is a wonderful community which supports creative businesses. Over 1000 applicants entered the competition and we were absolutely delighted to have made the cut for the final 50.

This accolade is BIG. In fact, it’s ‘the bee’s knees’! The competition was judged by Folksy, The Design Trust and Justacard and for those of you who don’t know, these are very influential organisations in the creative design industry! We are very proud to have been one of the 50 finalists!

We have many exciting plans and goals for 2021. We are about to launch a range of Valentine’s day cards, many of which will then remain in our new ‘Sentiments’ collection. We are working on Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day and 2022’s International Silly Walks day and yes, it’s actually a thing!! Check it out here!

‘Without further ado', we encourage you to include your a new year’s resolutions to be kind to yourselves. May the new year be filled with new beginnings, fresh starts and time for reflection.

Our wish for you is that every day of this new year is filled with success, happiness, love and prosperity.

Happy New Year, 'Bottom's up' and 'Drink like a fish' because 'Everything's coming up roses'!!

With love from,

Lisa and Jill (TIS)

P.S. Sorry (not sorry) about the ear worm in the first sentence and even greater apologies for beginning a sentence with the word 'so'! ;-D

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