Your May blog update

Hello there!

We hope you are well and looking to the future with enthusiasm! We have been enjoying the slow progression out of lockdown towards relative normality.

In many ways, lockdown has really helped us in our start-up phase. We’ve had the time to think things through properly and we’ve been able to work at the business without the stress and sense of urgency that would normally have been there!

At the end of April, we successfully relaunched our cards!! We now have 36 redesigned cards in our website shop, and we are so pleased with them! As you can see from the gallery below, the design change involved moving the speech bubble into the top third of the card. We upgraded the back with a product number and barcode and also included more information about the saying!

We now outsource the printing of our cards. We decided to do this for a few reasons.

  • We want to sell in shops and in order to do that, we had to align ourselves with recommended industry-wide standards.

  • We realised that if we outsource the printing of our cards, we are not limited by the capabilities of our very lovely Epson printer Wally! For example, Wally can only print up to 148x148mm square cards and only up to a 300gsm paper weight. Industry standard is 150x150mm for regular sized square cards and the way envelope sizing works, the larger cards just look better in the envelopes.

  • We have access to a better paper quality and state of the art digital printing.

  • Our printer ships directly to our trading partners, saving us time and expense.

  • By having our cards printed and packaged for us, we can now spend more time and effort on marketing and sales.

Our new trade website is up and running too. A business owner interested in selling our cards can now apply for a trade account via a link on the retail website. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for our future partners to do business with us. We even send them a lovely promo pack with a card sample and prices. Apply to trade with us!

We are hoping to also sell our cards at markets this year, so please let us know if there are any that you would recommend. We are quite excited about showing our cards off, we know they are lovely, but we need to get the word out! Ooh, do we need to buy a gazebo?!

Back to the card making process for a moment. One thing that we are having to get used to is the new turnaround time! From the time a card is conceived to actually having it in our hands to sell, can take up to 30 days!!

Lisa cranks out the card design, Jill lobs in the textures, we both work on the information for the back of the card and then we assemble the print file. Getting a proof back from the printer can take 10 days to 2 weeks. We take a close look at the proof and tweak the design if needed. Once we approve the card, we can then order it from the printer. Printing and packaging our order takes another week or so and then the order is either sent out to our trading partners or to us!

To be honest, we are struggling with this aspect just a tad. We rather enjoyed the ability to print on demand, but this is progress, so it’s worth the wait.

The turnaround time does mean that we need to plan on having a lot more time for new cards to be launched. Planning and thinking ahead is key!

By the way, we have five really lovely Father’s Day card designs enroute from the printer.

In the design phase we have two ‘Get well soon’ cards and a ‘Break a leg’ card, so it’s all happening! Keep checking our website for new cards......

Slide to the left or right below for a sneaky peek of the Father's Day cards!

Thank you so much for your orders, encouragement, and support so far, it’s so lovely knowing that you have faith in us!

Please remember that you have a discount code to use: UZozrQtB

This discount code will not expire and you can use it as many times as you like!

Also, please join our Facebook VIP group, we’d love to get to know you better!

Lotsa love,

Lisa and Jill

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